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NCAA Tournament Snubs

Although 64 teams are invited, there are always those who feel unjustly overlooked. We run down the reasoning behind prominent...

Jay Cutler

The young Broncos passer asked to be traded after his team looked at Matt Cassel. So is he any good?

Patrick Duffy's New Film

Production is complete on He's Such A Girl, starring Patrick Duffy. Why hasn't this film been released yet? What do you think?

Putting Vacant Houses To Use

With one in nine housing units in the United States unoccupied, many people are breaking into empty homes and using them for their own...

Family Matters

Nick At Nite 0:30 EDT/9:30 CDT Harriette makes a reference to Michelle Obama, and it becomes shockingly clear: They're making new episodes.

I Got To Find A New Place To Live

Hola, amigos. How's by you? I know it's been a long time since I rapped at ya, but I been weighed down by a shit-ton of trouble. First of all, my...
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  • Sports Drink Company Putting First Advertisement On Moon

    Japanese pharmaceutical company Otsuka has announced plans to put their sports drink Pocari Sweat on the moon in a specially equipped container bearing their logo, which, if successful, would be the first time a commercial product has been flown to the mo...

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