Food Shortage Nearing Crisis

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Vol 44 Issue 20

San Diego Zoo, Prison Merge

SAN DIEGO—The new ultra-efficient complex is open to schoolchildren on field trips, family members of convicted felons, and state-appointed defense lawyers.

Vatican Okays Space Aliens

Vatican chief astronomer Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes stated that belief in extraterrestrial life is not contradictory with church doctrine because aliens...
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Food Shortage Nearing Crisis

As certain dietary staples are becoming more scarce, food riots are becoming increasingly common around the world. What are the factors behind the food shortage?

Popularity of Food Network has increased global awareness of eating

China's enormous workforce going out for lunch more and more

Buying the jumbo tub of Cheese Balls, realizing cannot finish the jumbo tub of Cheese Balls, throwing away rest of jumbo tub of Cheese Balls

Rice is a hot commodity after street vendors discovered that the value of one grain increases 4,000 percent if you write someone's name on it and turn it into jewelry

NASA's development of the ethanol-fueled space shuttle has required 79 percent of U.S. corn supply

Vast majority of the Earth's population is too busy lately to get to the grocery store

Paving over fields with concrete so tractors can travel faster not working out as well as expected

Not sure—seems like there's plenty of food

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