How Companies Are Appealing To Millennials

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How Companies Are Appealing To Millennials

With millennials overtaking baby boomers as the biggest generation of consumers ever, companies around the nation are introducing new products, creating social media accounts, and pursuing philanthropic causes to appeal to this tech-savvy, socially conscious demographic. Here are some ways different companies are making themselves over and launching initiatives to target millennials:

  • National Arboretum: Re-promoting deciduous trees on Facebook ahead of changing seasons
  • ExxonMobil: Introducing new brand of cold-brew gasoline
  • Arby’s: New roast beef you can vape
  • Kay Jewelers: Changing tagline to “Every Kiss Begins With Explicit Consent”
  • Monsanto: Redesigning corn with sleeker profile
  • Prudential: Free ukulele lessons with every purchase of life insurance policy over $100,000
  • Campbell’s: Introducing line of caffeinated energy soups
  • Facebook: Making a Twitter account
  • Southwest Airlines: All flights now run exclusively from Seattle to Austin
  • Merck: Customers can vote on which ingredients to include in drugs
  • Subway: Offering an ‘All Sriracha’ sub
  • PetSmart: For an extra $10, employees will lie and tell you that it’s a rescue dog
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