New York Fighting Homelessness

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Plague In China

Ziketan, a farming town of 10,000 in the Qinghai province of China, has been locked down in an attempt to prevent the spread of pneumonic plague....
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New York Fighting Homelessness

New York City is currently offering its homeless a one-way flight to a city where they have relatives with whom they can stay. What else is the country's largest city doing to put an end to homelessness?

At ballparks, replacing the hot dogs on Hot Dog Day with homeless people

Providing apartments in exchange for 10 hours a week of chasing around birds near LaGuardia

Buying one luxury penthouse condominium for everyone to share

Massive advertising effort promoting homeless-friendly Philadelphia

Covering inviting steam vents with broken glass and nails

Putting homeless people in groups and giving them a hammer, nails, and wood, just seeing what happens

Spreading rumor that major fast food franchise is plucking NYC homeless people off the street and grinding them up into hamburger

Firing up the incinerators and implementing the much-rumored Phase II of the old Giuliani Homeless Plan

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