Choosing The Right Dog For You

Once you decide to get a dog, there’s a wide range of adoptable pets to choose from, whether it’s a mutt or purebred. The Onion offers some helpful tips for choosing the dog that’s right for you.

Choosing The Right School For Your Child

With a new school year beginning soon, parents are making decisions about which type of school best fits their child’s needs. The Onion breaks down what each has to offer.

The Onion’s Beach Bag Essentials

Each summer, Americans flock to the coasts to enjoy the sun and waves. Here are the beach bag must-haves you should never head to the shore without.

Top Family Vacation Spots

With school out for the summer, families are packing up and hitting the road. Here are The Onion’s top family vacation destinations.
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How To Interact With Adult Children As A Parent

  • It’s important to respect the personal space of the person who occupied your womb for nearly a year and then lived in your house for 18 more.

  • If your grown child still lives with you, delegate household tasks. Make them do the laundry, wash the dishes, and promise you that life won’t always be like this.

  • Recognize their achievements by displaying notes from their yearly performance review on the refrigerator.

  • Accept that your child is a capable adult with a mind of his or her own and no money of his or her own.

  • Call and chat with them at least once a week to stay connected, but avoid touchy subjects like work, their love life, or last week’s phone call.

  • Families are complicated at any age. Watch the new season of Schitt’s Creek Tonight at 8P/7c on Pop.

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