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MLB Unveils Memorial For Runners Stranded On Base

NEW YORK—Solemnly ringing a bell 30 times for each of the teams that lost potential runs this season, Major League Baseball officials unveiled Tuesday a memorial outside league headquarters to commemorate all of the runners who have ever been stranded on base.
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Milestones Of HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’

With the 12th season of the critically-acclaimed documentary series premiering tonight, Onion Sports looks back on some of the show’s most memorable moments.

  • 2001

    Series premiere episode introduces fans to little known insider terms like “pigskin” and “playbook”

  • 2001-2016

    Fight breaks out during joint practice episode

  • 2002

    Cowboys veterans give the rookies a taste of NFL life by demonstrating early signs of CTE at practice, in the film room, and at home

  • 2007

    Rookie Paul Rudd beats out incumbent Liev Schreiber to become starting narrator

  • 2008

    A position battle between punters Mat McBriar and Sam Paulescu splits the Cowboys’ locker room in half

  • 2010

    During team retreat to the Berkshires, the entire Jets’ defensive line finds themselves trapped in their ski lodge

  • 2012

    Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis is informed he’s been traded to a pilot episode of a new Showtime series

  • 2016

    The competition between the Rams potential starting tight ends Lance Kendricks and Tyler Higbee is won by one of these two

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