How Gerrymandering Works

The Supreme Court is considering a case regarding the partisan gerrymandering of districts in Wisconsin, which could change the way maps are drawn across the country. Here is a step-by-step guide to how Gerrymandering works.

Arguments For And Against Single Payer Healthcare

Bernie Sanders recently introduced a single payer healthcare plan, also known as medicare-for-all, that would guarantee coverage to all Americans under one government-run plan. Here are the arguments for and against implementing a single-payer healthcare plan.

Veteran Told What Offends Him

WASHINGTON—In the wake of protests in which some players knelt during the national anthem prior to this week’s NFL games, a U.S. Army veteran has been informed that the acts offended him.
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A Timeline Of The Watergate Scandal

With the White House mired in controversy, comparisons to Washington’s most famous scandal have been common, if not always accurate. Forty-five years after the events leading to Nixon’s resignation, The Onion presents a detailed timeline of the Watergate scandal.

  • 1962-1972

    Hundreds of miniature shampoo bottles and towels stolen from the Watergate Hotel

  • February 2, 1971

    A secret voice-activated taping system is installed in the Oval Office, programmed to start recording whenever Nixon utters the phrase “and now, for my next dastardly scheme…”

  • June 17, 1972

    Five men break into the Watergate complex wearing Richard Nixon masks

  • June 20, 1972

    Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein assigned story on National Zoo’s new panda and told to follow it wherever it takes them

  • November 7, 1972

    American public reelects Nixon in order to find out how this whole thing ends

  • July 18, 1973

    Nixon orders White House taping system disconnected after hearing how weird his voice sounds

  • August 10, 1973

    Checkers reaches out to Senate committee seeking immunity deal

  • October 10, 1973

    Vice President Spiro Agnew resigns in order to focus on taking bribes in the private sector

  • October 20, 1973

    Three men found jobless in a gruesome scene later dubbed the “Saturday Night Massacre” by investigators

  • February 16, 1974

    Nixon kicked out of Jefferson Starship due to the persistent bad publicity his scandals have brought to the band

  • August 9, 1974

    Nixon becomes the first president to resign, and Vice President Gerald Ford is soon after sworn in with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis at his side

  • September 8, 1974

    29-year-old Donald Trump watches with rapt attention as President Ford grants Nixon a full pardon

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