Biggest Announcements From E3

Each June, E3, or The Electronic Entertainment Expo, hosts game developers showing off their latest products. Here are this year’s most exciting announcements:

‘Star Wars’ Turns 40

When George Lucas’ Star Wars premiered in 1977, the movie quickly became a phenomenon. On its 40th anniversary, The Onion looks back on the franchise’s defining moments:

Ringo Starr Announces 26th Beatles Album With New Backing Band

‘Moonbeam Sunday’ Slated For Release On June 16

LONDON—Excitedly informing fans that the iconic pop group was back with more original music, Ringo Starr announced Tuesday that on June 16 he would be releasing a 26th Beatles album titled ‘Moonbeam Sunday’ with an all-new backing band.
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What You Need To Know About Last Night’s Oscars Debacle

Many viewers were left wondering about the sequence of events that led to the initial erroneous declaration of La La Land as the Best Picture winner at the Academy Awards Sunday instead of the real winner, Moonlight. The Onion breaks down what you need to know about this fiasco.

  • Q: What is PricewaterhouseCoopers?

    A: A $35.9 billion professional services network that handles business consulting, tax planning and compliance, actuarial advisement, and printing out slips of paper for celebrities to read.

  • Q: Who is to blame for the mixup?

    A: All of us for putting so much pressure on the academy.

  • Q: So presenter Warren Beatty isn’t at fault?

    A: In this one situation, apparently not.

  • Q: Is this the first time such a mistake has been made?

    A: No, awarding the wrong film is a time-honored Oscars tradition.

  • Q: How is the cast of 'La La Land' handling the upset?

    A: The cast and crew are doing their best to cope with the shame and embarrassment of sweeping the Golden Globes and winning six of their record 14 Academy Awards nominations.

  • Q: What will be done to prevent similar mistakes from happening in the future?

    A: Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs confirmed that the Best Picture category will be scrapped at future ceremonies.

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