Best Of February 2016

  1. Onion Dingbat
    Report: Getting Out Of Bed In Morning Sharply Increases Risk Of Things Getting Even Worse
  2. Onion Dingbat
    Takeout Burrito Shielded From Cold As Though It Were Week-Old Newborn
  3. Onion Dingbat
    Pizza Slice Only Has One Pepperoni
  4. Onion Dingbat
    Obama Compiles Shortlist Of Gay, Transsexual Abortion Doctors To Replace Scalia
  5. Onion Dingbat
    Labor Secretary Letting 8 Million Unemployed Americans Crash At His Place Until They Get Back On Their Feet
  1. Onion Dingbat
    Report: Someone Needs To Get Chips And Dip Away From Area Man
  2. Onion Dingbat
    Obama Resigns From Presidency After Michelle Lands Dream Job In Seattle
  3. Onion Dingbat
    High School Nurse Getting Pretty Good At Spotting Morning Sickness
  4. Onion Dingbat
    Mom Holds Knife To Throat Of Dinner Guest Who Offered To Help With Dishes
  5. Onion Dingbat
    Middle-Aged Man In Gym Locker Room Puts Shirt On Before Underwear
  1. Onion Dingbat
    Parallel World Leaders Meet In Washington For Interdimensional Summit
  2. Onion Dingbat
    Grandmother Palms Grandson $10 Like She Fixing Boxing Match

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