Best Of January 2016

  1. Onion Dingbat
    Disney World Opens New Ordeal Kingdom For Family Meltdowns
  2. Onion Dingbat
    Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Reluctantly Accepts Alternative Sentence Of Coaching Troublesome Youth Sports Team
  3. Onion Dingbat
    34-Year-Old Man May As Well Keep Pursuing Dream At This Point
  4. Onion Dingbat
    You To Still Die One Day
  5. Onion Dingbat
    Monsanto Lab On Lockdown After Scientists Find Shattered Tomato Containment Unit
  1. Onion Dingbat
    High School Bully Worried Victims Will Realize He Actually Retarded Faggot Himself
  2. Onion Dingbat
    Woman Feels Like She’s Finally Ready To Start Receiving Unsolicited Vulgar Messages Again
  3. Onion Dingbat
    Chicago Police Department To Monitor All Interactions With Public Using New Bullet Cams
  4. Onion Dingbat
    Nation Fondly Recalls When Just Regulating Video Games Seemed Like Solution To Gun Violence
  5. Onion Dingbat
    God Refuses To Grant Any More Transcendent Near-Death Experiences To People Who Crash Snowmobiles
  1. Onion Dingbat
    Corn Added To List Of Items That Upset Grandma’s Stomach
  2. Onion Dingbat
    Pajama-Clad Child Makes Turbulent Rampage Through Dinner Party

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