Best Of September 2016

  1. Onion Dingbat
    Rahm Emanuel Concerned Gun Violence Could Spread To Parts Of City He Gives Shit About
  2. Onion Dingbat
    Rest Of Nation To Penn State: ‘Something Is Very Wrong With All Of You’
  3. Onion Dingbat
    Black Man Blissfully Unaware His Name Going To Be Hashtag By End Of Week
  4. Onion Dingbat
    Handmade Banner That Football Team Runs Through Before Game The Closest High School Comes To Supporting Arts
  5. Onion Dingbat
    Death Row Inmate Saving Some Of Last Meal For Between Execution Attempts
  1. Onion Dingbat
    Relaxing Tea Better Fucking Work
  2. Onion Dingbat
    Pope Francis Hosts Feathered Serpent God As Part Of Deity Exchange Program
  3. Onion Dingbat
    ‘The Case, Mr. Kerry, Give Me The Case,’ Demands Malaysian Ambassador Holding Dangling John Kerry From Petronas Towers Skybridge
  4. Onion Dingbat
    Parents Trying To Gauge If Son Complete Idiot Before Deciding Whether To Move To Better School District
  5. Onion Dingbat
    Horrible Facebook Algorithm Accident Results In Exposure To New Ideas
  1. Onion Dingbat
    USDA Admits Weight Loss Not Possible For People Who Don’t Like Salmon
  2. Onion Dingbat
    Apartment Broker Recommends Brooklyn Residents Spend No More Than 150% Of Income On Rent

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