Issue 3014

Area Doctor: 'Mylanta'

News in Brief ISSUE 30•14 Nov 12, 1996
BOSTON—Area gastroenterologist John Kleemer said "Mylanta" this week, according to patient Stanley Thurlong, 49, a longtime heartburn and painful acid indigestion sufferer. "My doctor ...

Jamie Crying

News in Brief ISSUE 30•14 Nov 12, 1996
LOS ANGELES—According to local authorities, Jamie, 17, is crying, reportedly over a post-coital rejection by rock star David Lee Roth. "Although Jamie would feel ...

Homepage Hysteria

Infographic ISSUE 30•14 Nov 12, 1996
With the surging popularity of the Internet, millions of Americans are creating individual websites that express their unique personalitites. What are our reasons for setting ...