Issue 3541

Local Man Orders Now

News ISSUE 35•41 Nov 10, 1999
ELKHART, IN—Wowed by a half-hour paid commercial for the latest miracle product from Culinare®, makers of the incredible SafetyCan, local resident Wayne Pusak ordered ...

Turkish Man Kiss You

News in Brief ISSUE 35•41 Nov 10, 1999
IZMIR, TURKEY–According to reports, Izmir-area journalist and table-tennis enthusiast Mahir welcomes you to his homepage and kiss you. "Welcome to my page!!!!!!!!! I Kiss ...

Talking Air Safety

American Voices ISSUE 35•41 Nov 10, 1999
Several recent high-profile plane crashes, including an Oct. 31 EgyptAir disaster that claimed 217 lives, have once again caused airline safety to come into question ...