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Onion Sports Year In Review: Team Sports

The biggest sports stories in 2005 were not always the best. Yes, champions were crowned in notable fashion: the USC Trojans captured their second straight national title; the New England Patriots cemented their dynasty status with their third Super Bowl win in four years, the Spurs won a thrilling Game 7 to win the NBA championship, and neither the Yankees nor Red Sox won the World Series. Yet many noteworthy stories went unnoticed—at least when first reported—that would prove to be among the most resonant of the year. Many such stories, such as the NHL's decision...

Onion Sports Year In Review: Individual Sports

Less popular, less social, and far, far less lucrative than the major team sports, individual achievement is still the competitive instinct boiled down to its essence. Yet 2005 proved that the nation's attention could still be drawn to the heroic and well-televised individual performance. Lance Armstrong, the gritty, determined, monotesticular cyclist, captivated America with his seventh Tour de France victory, although the nation later confessed that it did not watch the actual event. Mike Tyson demonstrated that it was still possible for him to somehow lose even more dignity. And NASCAR champion...

December 10, 1936

FDR Rummages Through Parents' House To 'See If There's Anything In There America Could Use'

Autopsy Reveals Subject Was Still Alive When Autopsy Began

MERIWETHER, MT—County coroner James Hextall announced Monday that a thorough autopsy of C. W. Milodragovitch, a local tavern owner pulled from an automobile accident last Saturday night, revealed that the man had been alive at the start of the autopsy.

Pat Robertson Says Pie Not Delicious

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA—Televangelist Pat Robertson, who recently condemned the town of Dover, PA for accepting evolution and called for the assassination of leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, said during a Sunday broadcast of The 700 Club that pie is not delicious.

Activist Judge Cancels Christmas

WASHINGTON, DC—Liberal Judge Stephen Reinhardt ruled that the celebration of Christmas, and any directly related good cheer, is unconstitutional.
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