Issue 4416

Chinese Class Clown Executed

BEIJING—Known among schoolmates for his spirited antics and ability to make light of almost any situation, classroom jokester Wei Xiang, 11,...

Chris Long

Evaluating Chris Long, one of the three best: A. Sons of Howie Long and B. Defensive players in the draft.

Speedo's New High-Tech Swimsuit

Swimmers wearing Speedo's new laser-bonded LZR racing swimsuit have set 35 records in the past few weeks. Here's how the LZR gives competitors the...


As the weather warms up, a lot more people will be making their way to this beautiful...

Oprah Launches Own Reality

CHICAGO—"Oprah was always the queen of her time slot, and now she is the queen of Time," said Winfrey's publicist on day one of "Year O" in the new reality.
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