Issue 4806

Toyota (TM)

Stockwatch ISSUE 48•06 Feb 7, 2012
$75.30 (+$.1.10) (+1.5%) The automaker's shares went up after it announced a deal with Costco in which the warehouse-store chain will ...

Kid Court

TV Listings ISSUE 48•06 Feb 7, 2012
FOX 6 p.m. EST/5 p.m. CST Judge Tommy rules that to recover his money from a crooked car dealer, plaintiff Clark Reynolds ...


TV Listings ISSUE 48•06 Feb 8, 2012
CW 8 p.m. EST/7 p.m. CST Tonight: The beautiful but absentminded Cryojennifer completely messes up a sales report at work, makes the ...


Quote ISSUE 48•06 Feb 6, 2012
"We're excited we made contact with this advanced form of life, but it's clear they're pretty big jerks." - NASA

Aged Americans

Quote ISSUE 48•06 Feb 8, 2012
"Think about it: You're a United States citizen who has to live with the decision to elect Barack Obama every single day, a decision ...

Arne Duncan

Quote ISSUE 48•06 Feb 9, 2012
"We've basically flushed $11,000 down the toilet for every single one of these little bastards." Education Secretary Arne Duncan