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Bob Peterson

Bob Peterson, 47, walked up to his wife and gave her a big fat kiss in front of everyone.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Arrive On Oscar Red Carpet 12 Hours Early

'We're Just So Happy To Be Here,' Joyful Couple Announces

LOS ANGELES—Stepping out of a chauffeured limousine just as dawn broke above Hollywood's Kodak Theatre Sunday morning, Brad Pitt and longtime partner Angelina Jolie arrived at the 84th Annual Academy Awards, taking their place on the red carpet a fu...

Angela Cloud

Angela Cloud did her best not to seem bored as she listened to a coworker talk about having his dog put down.

Apple Vows To End Unsafe Labor Practices

Amidst charges that Apple employs numerous Chinese factories that mistreat and underpay their employees, Apple CEO Tim Cook vowed to ensure the safety and fair compensation of the people who make the company’s popular iPods, iPads, and iPhones. ...

Ace Of Lasagnas

Food 8:30 p.m. EST/7:30 p.m. CST Executive chef Ruff Goldstein rushes to create a lasagna that looks like a flock of penguins for an event at the Columbus Zoo.

Nation Trying, Okay?


NEW YORK—Pushed to the breaking point after constantly being taken to task for its shortcomings without ever hearing so much as a word of thanks for everything it does around here, an overwhelmed and infuriated nation announced Wednesday that it was...

Margerie Hempstead

While watching a young mother struggle with her a child at the local pharmacy, Margerie Hempstead respectfully held herself to a disapproving glare instead of explaining the proper way she would raise a child.

Your Horoscopes - Week Of February 21, 2012

Aries Your belief that nothing can stop you will be tested this week by depression, procrastination, concrete barriers, dysentery, armed gunmen, and the unanimous passage of several laws targeted specifically at stopping you. Tau...

Woman In Ninth Year Of Letting Boyfriend Down Easy

CHICAGO—Saying she wanted to "end things the right way" and not leave any painful, unresolved issues lingering between them, area woman Deborah Oster confirmed Wednesday she has been letting boyfriend Greg Norfolk down easy for the pa...

The Parents

ABC 8 p.m. EST/7 p.m. CST After a week of cuddling, homework help, and bedtime stories, which child will go back to the orphanage without a rose?

Jeremy Lin

Since coming out of nowhere two weeks ago, Jeremy Lin has rejuvenated the Knicks, reignited interest in basketball, and become a bona fide phenomenon.

Melo's Groin

"Carmelo's injury really isn't that unusual or severe, as these things go, so we've had to be persistent in striking him repeatedly and forcefully in the crotch to prevent him from returning to the lineup." – Knicks team doctor Craig McCon...
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Angela Cloud

Angela Cloud did her best not to seem bored as she listened to a coworker talk about having his dog put down.

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