Issue 4848

Grandson Has Long Hair

Like a Girl—He Has Girl Hair

News in Brief ISSUE 48•48 Nov 21, 2012
ROCKFORD, IL—Despite ostensibly being a boy, local grandson Eric Detweiler, 17, has long hair just like a girl’s, his grandfather reported Wednesday.

Minnie Caren

Obituaries ISSUE 48•48 Nov 29, 2012
Minnie Caren, 81, passed away last evening, leaving behind her son, Steven; her daughter, Sandy; and so many goddamn papers, like, just boxes full of ...

Nick Moyer

Obituaries ISSUE 48•48 Dec 2, 2012
In a private ceremony Thursday night, members of Kappa Delta Psi honored the memory of their recently deceased fraternity brother Nick Moyer by doing what ...