Issue 4926

God Proud Of Cockroaches

News ISSUE 49•26 Jun 27, 2013
THE HEAVENS—Saying He was astounded with their continued tenacity and resilience through generations of life on earth, God Almighty, our Lord and Heavenly Father ...

Heinz (HNZ)

Stockwatch ISSUE 49•26 Jun 25, 2013
$69.45 (-$3.04) (-4.19%) Shares plummeted because summer’s here and no more kids need vinegar to make science project volcanoes.

Grout Virgins

TV Listings ISSUE 49•26 Jun 28, 2013
HGTV 5 p.m. EDT/4 p.m. CDT Host Gus Fletch takes inexperienced homeowners and makes them work repeatedly with grout while turning everything ...


Real Estate ISSUE 49•26 Jun 27, 2013
This 3 pool/2.5 pool unit features an open-concept pool and a bonus basement pool. Two-car pool. In-ground pool with hot pool.