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Man Holding Hands With Pregnant Woman Must Have Weird Fetish

RED BANK, NJ—Testing the limits of what even the most progressive onlookers considered publicly acceptable, a man was seen by multiple witnesses Tuesday holding hands with a visibly pregnant woman in what many could only interpret as the expression of a bizarre fetish.
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Would You Give Financial Support To Your Adult Child?

  • Absolutely. This cycle of inherited wealth and inequality isn’t going to perpetuate itself.
  • No, being an adult means drowning in credit card debt just like the rest of us.
  • Yes. If they’re willing to go through that much effort to track me down, they deserve a little something.
  • Absolutely not. If I could find the gumption to be born into a prosperous economy, so can they.
  • Sure, if they can break a twenty.
  • Only if I can be certain they’ll really hem and haw whenever it comes up around peers.
  • Of course. I’m not about to abandon the sole form of contact we’ve maintained.
  • No way. After my son turns 18, graduates from college, moves to a metropolitan city for a few years, and plows through a couple unpaid internships, he’s on his own.

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