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Archaeologists Uncover Last Human To Die Happy

DEMBECHA, ETHIOPIA—In a startling find that contributes significantly to the understanding of modern man’s evolutionary development, University of Edinburgh archaeologists working in Ethiopia’s Afar Region announced Wednesday that they have uncovered the preserved remains of the last human to die happy.

Players To Watch In The Sweet 16

The 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has provided thrilling upsets and amazing comebacks in the first two rounds. Onion Sports presents a guide to the 10 players to watch in the Sweet 16.

Report: Grandpa Just Walks Like That Now

CULVER CITY, CA—According to family sources, the prominent limp displayed by local grandpa Marvin Adelstein on Tuesday is indicative of the fact that he just walks like that now.
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How To Find The Right Therapist

  • Start by gathering referrals. Pinpoint your least broken friend and ask who they go to.

  • Do your homework. Some research into available options will help you find a good fit for the specific needs of your insurance provider.

  • A good therapist will honor the ethical principles of their field, particularly when it comes to not ratting out patients to the police for entirely unintentional hit-and-runs.

  • If you can’t afford a conventional psychologist, consider a university clinic, church group, or supportive subreddit.

  • It helps to keep in mind that therapists are ultimately just people, meaning these sessions will also be an inescapable nightmare.

  • Prepare to laugh your face off, cry, and maybe fall in love. All episodes now streaming only on Seeso. Click here to learn more.

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