53 Worst Current Buffalo Bills Players

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Vol 49 Issue 39

Jay Kogen

Caricature artist Jay Kogen went easy on the jowls.

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53 Worst Current Buffalo Bills Players

We can't decide if this guy sucks or blows
Poor Bills fans
You're going to need to shower after viewing this slideshow
Are your eyes burning, too?
Wait, now this guy is actually not very good either
Mere words can't describe how bad you are
Makes Lee Smith look like Scott Chandler
Come on
No idea who this guy is, but he looks like a dope
Fucking disgusting
He ought to be ashamed of himself
A Bill most foul
More like Doug Le-Worst-sky
How many more of these pieces of shit are left?
Complete embarrassment
Miserable excuse for a player
Perennial loser
Worst player you'll ever see
This sack of shit actually gets paid to play football
You'd never want this guy suiting up for your team
An affront to all football fans
Actually one of the better running backs in the NFL, but plays for the Bills, so fuck him
Better off with an open roster spot
Definitely should be cut
How is he in the NFL?
Waste of money
Really bringing the team down
Total burden on the roster
Has a pathetic 41.7 Onion Sports Career Player Rating
Fucking nobody
Another nobody
A bigger nobody
His family should be ashamed
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