SLIDESHOW Vol 53 Issue 32

Top 10 College Preseason Football Teams


10. Oklahoma State: Every member of the Cowboys team and staff is laser-focused on the opportunity before them to move to a better university if they have a good year

9. Michigan: Will need to band together in the absence of head coach Jim Harbaugh, who will miss the entire season on a nationwide recruiting trip

8. Oklahoma: That quarterback with the bandana is back again

7. Washington: The 2016 Huskies got a taste of the postseason, but this year they hope to slurp down the entire tournament and become stuffed with its dense, beefy filling

6. Penn State: Fans are hoping last year’s 11-3 season means the Nittany Lines are returning to the glory days of heinous child rape cover-ups

5. Clemson: Only time will tell if losing winningest player in school history Deshaun Watson to the NFL was a good or bad thing for the Tigers

4. USC: Their games are on really late so this ranking is kind of a guess

3. Florida State: Could finally be the year the Seminoles figure out if their mascot is offensive or not

2. Ohio State: Urban Meyer’s uptempo offense has put pressure on new starters by forcing them to skip second down

1. Alabama: Nick Saban has told reporters this is the single greatest team he has had the displeasure of coaching