Your Top 10 Favorite 'Mad Men' Characters

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Your Top 10 Favorite 'Mad Men' Characters

Sandy Bench: Her longstanding secretarial rivalry with Joan has offered some of the drama’s most memorable moments, including the iconic typing contest between the two in Season 3.
Wyatt Berkeley and Jessica Rogers: The young creative duo’s on-again, off-again romance has always been a staple of the Mad Men storyline, with many eagerly waiting for the outcome of last season’s finale that ended with Jessica’s pregnancy.
Marcia Jennings: The question on everyone’s lips this year is whether or not Marcia’s new job title will finally give her the power and money needed to break away from her controlling father’s grip and stand up to Pete. Guess we’ll have to keep tuning in to find out!
Eric Middlevich: TV viewers were pretty intrigued when this smooth-talking ad exec from a rival company was able to steal Don’s Pine-Sol account in Season 5. Since his debut, many Mad Men fans have been clamoring to know more about his backstory.
Helen Whitman: Having only appeared in a series of dream sequences so far, many Mad Men fans expect Don Draper’s long-lost sister to play an important role in Season 6.
Dick Parks: Peggy’s infamous Season 2 fling with newspaper reporter Dick may have ended poorly, but his time on the screen just kept viewers wanting more.
Cheryl Donavan: Don’s high-school sweetheart just won’t go away. And, personally, we hope she never does.
Kip Callahan: Our favorite shy but extremely talented copywriter at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Will he ever build up enough courage to show Don his mockups for Baskin-Robbins?
Caleb Rawlings: No Mad Men favorite character list would be complete without Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce’s longtime art director showing up here. With his sarcastic wit and formidable talent, Rawlings is expected to be as as cunning as ever around the office this season.
Tim Morris: Often called the heart and soul of Mad Men, actor Jason Barbadoro returns to his breakout role as the young advertising executive. Will he be able to lead Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Morris into the next decade?
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