NBC Details Inspirational Story Of Sponsor’s Journey To Olympics

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Coca-Cola Marketing Strategist Named New United States PR Laureate

WASHINGTON—In a ceremony at the White House this morning in which his work was praised for its unique contributions to the art of corporate communications, Coca-Cola marketing strategist Lawrence Shaffer was officially appointed as the new PR laureate of the United States, sources confirmed.

Woman Stalked Across 8 Websites By Obsessed Shoe Advertisement

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA—Expressing her growing unease at repeatedly spotting the same picture and text lurking in the corners of her favorite webpages, local woman Laura Spelman confirmed Monday that she has been stalked across eight different sites by an obsessed Nine West shoe advertisement.

Fast Food Customers Less Appealing Than In Commercial

GREENVILLE, SC—Expressing his disappointment shortly after sitting down for lunch at a local franchise location Wednesday, area man Peter Strauss told reporters that the customers at Burger King were actually far less appealing in real life than the...

Most Controversial Super Bowl Commercials

The commercials airing during the Super Bowl each year have become incredibly popular in their own right, and nearly every broadcast seems to include at least one ad met with criticism from audiences, media critics, and others.

Girlfriend Talks Through Whole Goddamn Commercial

WHEELING, WV—Saying that he was unable to focus fully on the storyline or hear crucial parts of the dialogue, area man Richard Heller told reporters that his girlfriend talked through a whole goddamn Papa John’s commercial Sunday evening.
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NBC Details Inspirational Story Of Sponsor’s Journey To Olympics

RIO DE JANEIRO—Chronicling what many have called the most touching and incredible narrative of the Rio Games, NBC aired a special feature Monday about the inspirational story of Bridgestone’s journey to the 2016 Olympics. “It’s been such a long road, and at times it seemed impossible, but we never gave up, and now we’re here in Rio alongside all the biggest brands in the world,” Bridgestone CEO Masaaki Tsuya said during the three-minute NBC piece, adding that he always believed the 85-year-old auto manufacturer’s logo could someday be on the Olympic medal podium in front of billions of consumers around the world. “You know, everyone always used to say we were too small, or that our marketing team wasn’t experienced enough, but we proved them wrong. It just goes to show that any brand, no matter where they’re headquartered or how strong their sales are, can defy the odds and achieve the Olympic dream. We’re proof of that.” Tsuya went on to credit Heineken’s incredible commercial performance during the 2012 London Games for inspiring Bridgestone to set its sights on the Olympics.

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