God Regrets Never Creating Any Two-Headed Snake Creatures

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Seagull This Far Inland Must Be Total Fuckup

KNOXVILLE, TN—Questioning how the bird could have possibly ended up more than 300 miles from the nearest ocean, sources confirmed Friday that a seagull that was spotted this far inland must be a total fuckup.

The Case For And Against Zoos

The killing of a rare gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo to protect a child who climbed into its enclosure has reignited debate over whether wild animals should be kept in captivity. Here is the case for and against zoos

Popular Designer Dog Breed Just Twisted Spinal Cord Attached To Collapsed Lung

NEW YORK—Growing quickly in popularity following its official recognition by the American Kennel Club last year, the Toy Whiffle—a floppy-eared collapsed lung loosely attached to a severely twisted spinal column—is now one of the most sought-after designer dog breeds in the country, according to an AKC survey published Thursday.

Grizzly Bear Catches Spawning Michael Phelps In Jaws

KENAI, AK—Sitting on a rock atop the powerful, churning rapids, a grizzly bear reportedly caught Michael Phelps in its jaws Tuesday as the sexually mature Olympian leaped out of the water while swimming upstream to spawn.

Biologists Still No Closer To Discovering How Birds Have Sex

BERKELEY, CA—With not a single scientist having successfully observed the behavior despite extensive ongoing research, the field of biology has made no progress in its understanding of how birds have sex, experts at the University of California told reporters Wednesday.
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God Regrets Never Creating Any Two-Headed Snake Creatures

THE HEAVENS—Maintaining that He was overall very pleased with the creation of all things, God Almighty, Our Lord and Heavenly Father, admitted Tuesday that His biggest regret was never making a two-headed snake creature. “I always wanted to create some kind of super-poisonous snake thing with a head at either end, and maybe some freaky pitch-black eyes,” said God, adding that back when He was creating them, He spent far too much time tinkering with snakes’ “wicked” fangs and was ultimately forced to hurriedly “slap a tail on them” and move on to making lizards. “Leathery wings would be pretty cool, too. And maybe the heads would try to eat each other—damn, that would be so sweet. Know what? Fuck it—I’m whipping up one of those things.” The Lord then confirmed that in order to start on the two-headed snake initiative, He would have to sideline His current project of creating an even dumber-looking alpaca.

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