Dubai Completes Construction On World’s First Full-Scale Replica Of Dubai

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Vatican City Residents Rally To Save St. Peter’s Basilica From Development

VATICAN CITY—Citing its historical significance and the valuable role it plays in the community, residents of Vatican City rallied this week to save St. Peter’s Basilica from being demolished as part of a development project that would convert the site into an expansive residential and retail complex, sources reported.

Detroit Begs Nation To Just Give It Something, Anything, To Manufacture

‘Refrigerators, Towels, Whatever You Want,’ Residents Say

DETROIT—Emphasizing that its workforce and facilities were just waiting for the go-ahead to start up production, the city of Detroit pleaded with the American people Tuesday to just give it something—anything at all, really—to manufacture.

City Adds Some Big Concrete Stairs

They’re For Sitting On Or Running Up Or Something

CHICAGO—Noting the structure’s considerable size and prominent location in a busy public park, local residents confirmed Tuesday that the city had installed some big concrete stairs that were probably for sitting on or running up or something like that.

More Cities Providing Bins For Materials That Look Recyclable

WASHINGTON—Praising the initiatives for taking the guesswork out of the often confusing process of household waste disposal, a report released Thursday by the Environmental Protection Agency noted that more cities are providing bins to residents for materials that look like they’re probably recyclable.

Neighborhood Starting To Get Too Safe For Family To Afford

CHICAGO—Explaining that the sense of unease she felt walking to and from her home had declined markedly over the years, Humboldt Park resident Kirsten Healy expressed her disappointment to reporters Thursday that her neighborhood was becoming too safe for her family to afford.

Man With Serious Mental Illness Committed To City Bus

ALBANY, NY—Citing a range of severe symptoms including hallucinations, disorientation, and disorganized speech, the Albany County Department of Mental Health said Wednesday that local man Shawn Zellicoff will be involuntarily committed to the 125 Cl...

Environmental Study Finds Air In Chicago Now 75% Bullets

CHICAGO—Highlighting increasingly dangerous conditions within the city, a new study published Monday by Northwestern University’s Department of Environmental Studies revealed that approximately 75 percent of the air in Chicago is now composed ...
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Dubai Completes Construction On World’s First Full-Scale Replica Of Dubai

DUBAI—Officials from the Dubai Department of Tourism announced at a press conference Wednesday that construction had been completed on the world’s first full-scale replica of Dubai, a multibillion-dollar investment known as the Dubai Experience built on the outskirts of the city-state. “We are proud to announce that the Dubai Experience is now open, allowing those visiting Dubai to view and explore awe-inspiring, life-size versions of all the iconic buildings and sights they recognize from Dubai,” said Dubai tourism spokesperson Arshad bin Sulayem, adding that the 1,600-square-mile Dubai replica was located “a convenient five-mile drive” from downtown Dubai. “Spend a day taking pictures in front of nearly indistinguishable duplicates of your favorite Dubai landmarks, from the Burj Khalifa, to the Palm Jumeirah islands, to the Ski Dubai alpine facility, before returning to your hotel in Dubai. Or stay the night in one of the many identical hotels in the Dubai Experience. No trip to Dubai will be complete without a stroll through our carefully recreated 1:1 scale version of Dubai.” The tourism board added that in order to fully mimic every detail of Dubai, construction had recently begun along the boundaries of the replica city-state to build a replica of the Dubai replica.


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