Pros And Cons Of The Greek System

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College Encourages Lively Exchange Of Idea

BOSTON—Saying that such a dialogue was essential to the college’s academic mission, Trescott University president Kevin Abrams confirmed Monday that the school encourages a lively exchange of one idea.

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Fraternity Members To Undergo Racial Sensitivity Hazing

EVANSTON, IL—In the wake of a controversial video depicting two individuals in the fraternity’s University of Oklahoma chapter leading a racist chant, Sigma Alpha Epsilon officials instituted a new national policy Wednesday requiring all membe...
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Pros And Cons Of The Greek System

College communities across the nation have become more divided over the merits of Greek life on campus, with advocates saying that it promotes friendship and charity, and critics arguing that it can lead to hazing, underage drinking, and other dangerous activities. Here are some pros and cons of having Greek systems at colleges:


  • Makes transition to new social scene easier for kids who were popular in high school
  • Forges bonds of brotherhood strong enough to withstand even the toughest lawsuits
  • Teaches valuable blending-in, doing-as-you’re-told skills
  • Large network of professional contacts can help alumni find jobs in fields as varied as finance, business, and investment banking
  • Endless supply of fun new lingo like “bigs” and “littles,” “PNMs,” and “nonconsensual digital penetration”
  • All four of the Beatles were in the Alpha Delta fraternity together and attribute all of their musical success to the support system of the brotherhood
  • Members can pretty much ditch the whole lifelong brotherhood thing the instant they graduate


  • Ritualistic binge-drinking takes some of the spontaneity out of alcohol poisoning
  • Foam parties imbued with air of exclusivity
  • Monthly dues exclude lower-class students who would otherwise be embraced with open arms
  • Puts money in bloated coffers of local charities
  • Difficulty of balancing schoolwork, extracurriculars, and testifying that you only recorded the assault
  • Keeping lawyer on retainer for rape charges not cheap, even if fee split 20 ways
  • Events at the Kappa Sigma house the night of Saturday, March 21, 2015, which the university is investigating very seriously and which it will not comment further upon at this time
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