Senator From Troubled Home State Repeatedly Acting Out In Congress

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NASA Deploys Congressional Rover To Search For Funding

WASHINGTON—Calling the program “the most crucial in the agency’s history,” researchers at NASA announced Wednesday they have successfully deployed a Special Exploratory Rover to Congress as part of an open-ended mission to seek out any possible trace of funding on Capitol Hill.

Resolute Congress Passes Second Amendment Again

WASHINGTON—Easily securing the requisite two-thirds majorities in the House and Senate, a resolute United States Congress responded to the ongoing national debate on gun rights Tuesday by passing the Second Amendment again.

Obama Not Ruling Out U.S. Military Action In Congress

WASHINGTON—Following years of continued fighting and disorder in the troubled region, President Barack Obama revealed today that he has not ruled out taking immediate and decisive military action in the United States Congress. Admitting that diploma...
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Senator From Troubled Home State Repeatedly Acting Out In Congress

WASHINGTON—Expressing concern over his increasingly combative behavior and refusal to cooperate with others, sources confirmed this week that Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), who comes from a troubled home state, has been frequently acting out in Congress. “His home state must be a very unhealthy environment, given all the unsettling and sometimes outright hostile things he says,” said Senate Sergeant at Arms Frank J. Larkin, suggesting that perhaps a lack of financial stability or positive mental stimulation in his home state had left him with considerable cognitive and emotional deficits. “He can be all right for a while, but then he’ll attack other members of Congress with little provocation. Sometimes he doesn’t even show up at all. And it seems like every time he goes back to his home state, he just returns here in a worse state of mind and then takes it out by trying to ruin legislation. I feel sorry for him, sure, but at the same time, he’s extremely disruptive.” Several Senate sources said they hoped the conditions in Sessions’ home state improved, admitting that they were worried the troubled 69-year-old would end up in prison.

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