Medical Experts Disappointed With Man Who Failed To Live Up To Life Expectancy

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Doctor Just Uses Same Ultrasound Picture For Every Baby

MEQUON, WI—Saying that the practice saves her considerable time and effort each day, local ob-gyn doctor Anna Schiesser told reporters Thursday that she typically just shows soon-to-be parents the same ultrasound picture for every baby.

Doctors Recommend Getting 8 Centuries Of Cryosleep

STANFORD, CA—Claiming that the practice is essential for effectively recharging the body and waking fully rested and alert, doctors at Stanford University issued a report Monday emphasizing the importance of getting at least eight centuries of atomi...

Tips For Finding The Right Doctor

Every person has different needs and preferences when it comes to health care, which is why it’s essential to find a high-quality physician whom you trust and respect.
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    BAYTOWN, TX—Having repeatedly ratcheted up the 34-year-old’s level of discomfort with no noticeable effect on his behavior, the body of local man Kent Dugan confirmed Wednesday that it was starting to run out of ideas to convince him that he was full.

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Medical Experts Disappointed With Man Who Failed To Live Up To Life Expectancy

TALLAHASSEE, FL—Explaining that the man’s lifestyle, ethnicity, and family history had all indicated a more favorable outcome, members of the medical community expressed their disappointment Tuesday after learning that Florida resident Andrew Mauston had failed to live up to his estimated life expectancy. “Public health statistics clearly specify that Mr. Mauston should have lived into his mid-70s, but instead this guy goes and has a fatal cardiac arrest at 64. Come on!” said medical researcher Mark Hutchcroft, who chastised the recently deceased man for “barely even making it” to the average life expectancy of a male lifelong smoker living below the poverty line. “He was in relatively good health and had no known indicators of cardiovascular disease? Unbelievable. God, this guy couldn’t even make it within a standard deviation of the mean, for crying out loud.” Researchers went on to relay their further exasperation with Toledo, OH resident Arthur Claymore, an overweight heavy drinker who, at 98 years old, was making them all look like idiots.