The Pros And Cons Of For-Profit Colleges

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The Pros And Cons Of Taking A Gap Year

Malia Obama will wait a year between graduating high school and attending Harvard in 2017, in what is becoming a rising trend among American students. Here are the pros and cons of taking a gap year:

The Pros And Cons Of Attending College

A four-year degree can open doors to a bright future, though many people don’t think it will benefit their career path. Here are some pros and cons of attending college.

5 Months Of College Research Outweighed By Weekend Visiting Friend At Penn State

HAGERSTOWN, MD—Noting that the large public university had suddenly emerged as the high school student’s top choice for the fall, sources confirmed Wednesday that a single weekend spent with a friend who attends Penn State completely superseded all of graduating senior Tyler Pince’s college research over the past five months.

SAT Prep Tips

The first SAT test of the new school year takes place November 7, and students’ scores will determine which colleges will take their applications seriously. Here are some tips for acing the SAT and getting into the college of your dreams

How U.S. Schools Can Improve Math Education

With U.S. students regularly placing behind 20 to 25 other nations in mathematics test scores, many education experts are wondering what the sources of the problem are and how we can take steps to fix them. Here’s a look at how American schools can improve their math curricula and help struggling students:

Sex Ed Vs. Abstinence-Only Education

With many states still defending their right to withhold information on sex from public school curricula, Americans are left to weigh the relative benefits of explicit sexual education programs versus those that teach only abstinence and promote health through celibacy. Here is a side-by-side comparison of what these programs offer:

Obamas Decide To Stay In White House Until Daughters Finish High School

‘We Don’t Want To Uproot Them Just For Our Jobs,’ Say Parents

WASHINGTON—Saying it wouldn’t be fair to disrupt their lives after seven years in the same school district, Barack and Michelle Obama this week announced their plans to stay in the White House until their daughters graduate high school.
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The Pros And Cons Of For-Profit Colleges

With studies showing that for-profit college degrees create more debt and no more added value for students, many are questioning the merits of these institutions. Here are the pros and cons of for-profit colleges:


  • Degree will really mean something to prospective employers who know your alma mater from its storied legacy of federal investigations
  • Better cosmetology program than Dartmouth
  • Post-graduation earning potential boosted by payout from class-action lawsuit
  • No Greek life
  • Abundant daytime infomercials let you relive your glory days
  • Opportunity to form a lifelong relationship with creditors
  • The best way to learn is by making mistakes


  • Campus events limited to helping administration shred documents
  • No room for Frisbee circle in strip mall parking lot
  • Suing the founder for damages will be really difficult if he wins the presidential election
  • Having to sit through 162,000 names at graduation
  • Seeking career training from people whose own salary benefits from your debt might not be best strategy
  • Classroom dynamic repeatedly thrown off by teacher being peppered with questions from state attorney general
  • All knowledge gained will be repossessed when college goes bankrupt

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