Fan Has List Of Dream Marketers He’d Love To See Handle Next Spider-Man Film

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Highlights From ‘Go Set A Watchman’

Harper Lee’s buzzed-about new release, Go Set A Watchman, went on sale last week, taking the world by storm with its new investigations of Scout Finch as a grown woman and its divisive portrayal of her father, Atticus Finch, as a racist figure. Here are some highlights from the new book:

Leonardo DiCaprio Agrees To Donate It-Factor To Science

LOS ANGELES—Saying the gift would immeasurably improve their understanding of the ineffable quality that makes certain big-screen stars positively radiate, researchers at the University of California Los Angeles announced Tuesday that A-list actor Leonardo DiCaprio has agreed to donate his it-factor to science.

How Theaters Are Trying To Win Back Moviegoers

The number of Americans who went to the movies hit a 20-year low in 2014, leaving theaters scrambling to find ways to incentivize the public to see new releases on the big screen rather than watch films at home or on the internet. Here are some methods theaters are using to win back audiences and increase box office sales:

Comic-Con Survival Guide

San Diego Comic-Con is expected to draw more than 130,000 fans to Southern California this year to participate in cosplaying, attend panels, go to film screenings, and learn more about their favorite series. Here are some tips for surviving the four-day conference

Your Horoscopes — Week Of July 7, 2014

ARIES: Your belief that nothing can stop you will be tested this week by depression, procrastination, concrete barriers, dysentery, armed gunmen, and the unanimous passage of several laws targeted specifically at stopping you.
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Fan Has List Of Dream Marketers He’d Love To See Handle Next Spider-Man Film

ROSWELL, GA—Expressing his desire for a high-caliber talent with the creative vision to do justice to the film’s promotion, local man Jeff Crews told reporters Friday he has a list of dream marketers he’d love to see handle the next Spider-Man movie. “I’d see anything with James H. Martin; he’s an absolutely perfect choice for helming promotional events and the Spider-Man–McDonald’s tie-in,” said Crews, who offered the names of several highly acclaimed marketers who he believes have the imagination and brilliance necessary to breathe life into the superhero franchise’s branding. “This is purely a fantasy, but Christopher Sanford would do such an amazing job with the film’s social media strategy. And I’d be equally excited about a young gun like Stephen Edwards who has such innovative ideas—plus, you know he’ll come up with some crazy twists and turns in the Spider-Man advertising campaign. Though if you want the best in the biz, you gotta go with Walter Bennett from PPC Enterprises. Nobody is better at reaching target audiences.” At press time, Crews expressed disappointment after learning that his all-time favorite marketer had signed on to promote Deadpool.