Chiefs Rookies Forced To Lug Andy Reid’s Snacks To And From Practice

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Deadline For Prior User To Remove Clothes From Dryer Extended 5 Minutes

JOHNSON CITY, TN—Upon finding the machine in her apartment building’s laundry room completely untouched since she last stopped by, exasperated local woman Sandra Hermus reportedly mounted all her magnanimity Monday and extended the deadline for the previous user to remove their clothing from the dryer by five minutes.

Chiefs Rookies Forced To Lug Andy Reid’s Snacks To And From Practice

ST. JOSEPH, MO—Saying that the daily ritual has been both physically and mentally draining, rookies on the Kansas City Chiefs confirmed Monday that they have been forced to carry all of head coach Andy Reid’s snacks to and from practice every day. “It’s brutal—this morning, I had to lug 80-pound duffel bags filled with spicy beef jerky and cream-filled cupcakes while running to the field,” said first-year offensive lineman Mitch Morse, adding that he is often sore before practice even starts, having arrived an hour early to haul 10-gallon gravy jugs to the sideline. “I know all the new players have to do it—Knile Davis told me he almost hurt his shoulder while carrying coach’s hickory-smoked summer sausages back in 2013—but it still feels cruel and overboard.” At press time, rookie cornerback Marcus Peters was running laps as punishment for bringing Reid a tray of chili-cheese nachos without any sour cream.