Man Entirely Different Misogynist Online Than In Real Life

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Study Finds Girls Outperforming Future Employers In School

NASHVILLE, TN—The results of a comprehensive multiyear study charting the educational achievement of children throughout the United States were released Friday, revealing that the nation’s girls are increasingly outperforming their future employers in all subjects.

Sexist Pig Has No Idea When Team USA Playing Nigeria

‘What Round Is This Again?’ Misogynist Asshole Asks

NORTHFORD, CT—Revealing just how old-fashioned and small-minded he truly is, local sexist pig Jonathan Scott admitted Monday he has no idea what time the U.S. women’s soccer team plays Nigeria tomorrow night, sources reported.
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Man Entirely Different Misogynist Online Than In Real Life

CHATTANOOGA, TN—Explaining how his subtle belittlement and disrespect for women in face-to-face interactions had little in common with the bold, outspoken manner in which he degrades women when he’s on social media or website message boards, sources reported Tuesday that local man Colin McManus is a totally different misogynist online than in real life. McManus, who is said to regularly post brazenly offensive tirades in YouTube comment sections dictating how he thinks women should behave and stating which female public figures he believes deserve to be sexually assaulted, reportedly keeps such opinions entirely to himself in person, instead favoring small jabs at female acquaintances’ decision-making abilities and regularly discrediting women’s emotions by casually claiming their reactions are overly sensitive or melodramatic. Sources confirmed that whether McManus bitterly inveighs against women’s sexual activity in long, slur-ridden outbursts or issues softly worded slights or praise that tie a woman’s appearance to her worth depended wholly on whether he’s sitting alone in front of a computer or engaged in an actual conversation in his workplace or social setting. At press time, McManus was said to be looking down at his phone, attempting to quietly undercut a female coworker’s opinions by denying eye contact and ignoring what she was currently saying, while at the same moment discovering he had been blocked on Twitter by another woman he regularly threatened.

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