The Thing No One Tells You When You Become A Parent Is That NASA Is Conspiring To Overthrow The U.S. Government

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NSA: ‘Can Somebody Good At Computers Help Us?’

FORT MEADE, MD—Explaining that things weren’t working right and he didn’t know why, visibly frustrated National Security Agency director Michael S. Rogers called a press conference Thursday afternoon to ask if somebody good at computers could help out the intelligence organization.

Secretary Of Interior Unveils Plans For New High-Speed Creek

WASHINGTON—Calling the $650 million project the “future of America’s pastoral waterways,” Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell unveiled the agency’s plans for a new high-speed creek Thursday that would reportedly connect Weybridge, VT with the adjacent town of Addison.

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47 Weak-Willed Senators Bend To Interests Of Powerful American People

WASHINGTON—Saying the closely watched Senate vote clearly demonstrated where the elected officials’ loyalties lay, political observers confirmed that 47 weak-willed lawmakers bent to the interests of the powerful American public Monday by voting in favor of measures that would bar anyone on government terror watchlists from purchasing firearms.

John Kerry Jettisons Russian Henchmen From International Space Station Airlock

LOW EARTH ORBIT—Having stowed away aboard a Soyuz resupply rocket and silently slipped into the International Space Station as part of a high-level fact-finding mission, Secretary of State John Kerry reportedly found himself forced to jettison two Russian henchmen from an airlock Monday after being set upon by the thugs in an ambush that resulted in a violent zero-gravity struggle to the death.

CDC Horrified After Discovering Existence Of Thousands Of Public Pools

WASHINGTON—Calling the finding an imminent threat to public health nationwide, horrified officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention convened an emergency press conference Wednesday to announce they had discovered the existence of thousands of public pools throughout the country.

Obama Discovers Telepathic Connection With Military Drone In Afghanistan

‘Our Minds Have Become One,’ Shaken President Says

WASHINGTON—Appearing frightened and confused by his unexplained new powers, President Barack Obama reportedly pulled members of the White House staff aside Wednesday to inform them of his recently discovered telepathic connection with an Afghanistan-based military drone.

The TSA’s Plans For Improvement

The Transportation Security Administration has pledged to revamp its processes in response to recent record-setting airport lines and wait times. Here are some ways in which the TSA plans to improve
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The Thing No One Tells You When You Become A Parent Is That NASA Is Conspiring To Overthrow The U.S. Government

Having a child is one of the most profound and illuminating experiences a person can have. No matter how much you think you know about life, that first time looking into the eyes of your newborn completely changes your outlook. You see absolutely everything in a whole new light. It seems obvious to me now, but until I held my infant son in my arms, I never realized that NASA was conspiring to overthrow the United States government.

I guess it’s just one of those funny things no one ever tells you about becoming a parent: As soon as the doctor congratulates you on your baby girl or boy, your whole life turns upside down. In that moment, you truly understand for the first time in your life that our national space agency is plotting to depose our elected leaders and establish a brutal new world order. From that point onward, nothing else seems as important.

How could I ever have been so foolish as to believe that it wouldn’t be all that difficult to balance parenthood with a demanding job, or that NASA wouldn’t use special low-frequency mind-control waves to enslave the world’s citizens?

And nothing can prepare you for it. You can read all the books you want about parenting or about Project Blue Beam, the secret plan to seize power throughout the world by engineering a fake alien invasion, but those are just words. Understanding that NASA intends to use 3D holographic technology to feign an extraterrestrial assault or that 800 FEMA concentration camps are waiting to “reeducate” anybody who attempts to resist the new regime—that’s something you can only grasp once you have a son or daughter of your own.

It changes your entire life.

No one ever warns you about how overwhelmed and exhausted you’ll be in those months when your baby isn’t sleeping through the night and all you want to do is piece together the truth about how an Amtrak facility in Beech Grove, IN has been converted into a massive gas chamber staffed by immigrants who are ready to start liquidating native-born Americans at a moment’s notice.

You’ll think, “Why did no one tell me this?”

Looking back now, I sometimes can’t believe how naive the old me was. How could I ever have been so foolish as to believe that it wouldn’t be all that difficult to balance parenthood with a demanding job, or that NASA wouldn’t use special low-frequency mind-control waves to enslave the world’s citizens?

I remember my parents trying to tell me how much having kids changed them, and how former NASA administrator Daniel Goldin had staged the 9/11 attacks as a dry run to test the agency’s ability to execute a complex false flag operation. I laughed it off at the time, but when I became a mom myself, I had to admit they were right: I never really knew what true devotion was until I saw how far the nefarious global cabal was willing to go to establish an all-powerful pan-national government and a worldwide New Age religion headed by the Antichrist. Now that I’ve come around to the reality of it all, my parents just get to chuckle and say, “We told you so!”

These days, my friends without children think I’m crazy for wanting to stay in with my family and work on my mind control–jamming device when I could be out at a party. I just tell them to enjoy their freedom while they can, because someday they’ll have kids of their own and NASA will project a simulated Rapture across the skies of Western countries in order to bring the world’s Christians under its control.

But I know they won’t really understand until they become parents themselves. Or until the first wave of federal relocation orders arrives.

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