Hillary Clinton Bowls Over Catcher To Score Winning Run In Campaign Staff Softball Game

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Nation Clinging Desperately To Brief Inspirational Moment Before Being Thrust Back Into Raging Election Maelstrom

WASHINGTON—Following Hillary Clinton’s primary victories Tuesday that presumably secured her place as the first woman in U.S. history to receive a major party’s presidential nomination, citizens across the nation admitted to reporters they were desperately clinging to the brief moment of inspiration before they are inevitably thrust back into the raging black maelstrom of the 2016 election.

Campaign Announces Clinton Has Entered Incubation Period After Securing Nomination

Candidate Transitioning Into Mature Presidential Form Inside Cocoon, Aides Say

NEW YORK—Immediately after she clinched the 2,383 delegates needed to secure the Democratic presidential nomination Monday night, campaign aides announced that Hillary Clinton had retreated to a dark corner of her Brooklyn headquarters and entered the beginning of a 16-week incubation period.

FBI Convinces George Clooney To Wear Wire During Clinton Fundraising Dinner

SAN FRANCISCO—In an effort to gather evidence in their investigation of the presidential candidate’s alleged misuse of her private email server when she served as secretary of state, members of the FBI reportedly convinced actor George Clooney to wear a hidden listening device Friday night while attending a campaign fundraising dinner with Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton Appears Before Rally Completely Nude In Bid For Authenticity

‘Here I Am, A Mere Human Being,’ Says Naked Candidate

RALEIGH, NC—Flatly declaring to audience members that she stood on stage as no more than a human being with nothing to hide, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reportedly appeared Friday before a campaign rally completely nude in a bid to once and for all prove her authenticity.

Clinton Throws Flash Grenade To Divert Attention From Question About Senate Voting Record

MIAMI—Surreptitiously grabbing the explosive device stashed inside her lectern and pulling its pin as soon as she heard moderator Jorge Ramos mention her support for the Iraq War and the Wall Street bailout, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reportedly threw a flash grenade onto the stage during Wednesday night’s Democratic debate to divert attention away from a question about her Senate voting record.

Hillary Clinton Issues Single-Word Victory Speech Following Super Tuesday Results

‘Satisfactory,’ Says Candidate

MIAMI—Striding briskly onto the stage and walking directly toward the podium without stopping to wave or smile at the cheering crowd in attendance, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reportedly issued a single-word victory speech after significantly widening her delegate lead on Super Tuesday.

Clinton Tosses Unpledged Superdelegate In Trunk Of Car

LA CROSSE, WI—Ambushing the party official in an empty parking garage as he exited his office, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reportedly grabbed an unpledged Democratic superdelegate and threw him into the trunk of her car during the late night hours Monday.
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Hillary Clinton Bowls Over Catcher To Score Winning Run In Campaign Staff Softball Game

NEW YORK—Refusing to be denied victory by the 22-year-old intern blocking home plate, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton bowled over the opposing team’s catcher to score the winning run in her campaign staff’s softball game Sunday, sources confirmed.

The afternoon matchup, held between members of the Clinton campaign as a brief break from the grind of the election season, reportedly came to an end in the bottom of the ninth inning when Clinton sprinted down the third-base line and lowered her shoulder into the chest of the young catcher as he attempted to tag her for the final out. Sources confirmed that the violent collision, which sent both tumbling into the dirt as the ball popped loose, sealed an 8-7 victory for the former senator’s side.

“She was running with a full head of steam and absolutely leveled him—you could hear the impact from the dugout,” said senior policy advisor Jake Sullivan, noting that the close play at the plate came only after Clinton had ignored her teammates’ shouts to remain at third base as she tagged up on a shallow flyout to left field. “The kid was doubled over, rolling around and moaning in pain. That’s when everyone ran over to check to see if he was okay.”

“The entire time, Secretary Clinton was shouting that he dropped the ball and kept gesturing the ‘safe’ signal,” he added.

According to participants, the game-winning play marked the conclusion of what was described as an intense and aggressive performance by Clinton, who reportedly spent most of the game drenched in sweat, covered in dirt, and sporting a bloody lip as a result of diving after a ground ball. In addition to playing with little regard for the safety of herself or those around her, sources confirmed that the former first lady could often be seen taunting opposing players, both verbally and by pointing to the center-field fence before every at-bat.

Witnesses also recalled a particularly tense moment midway through the game when Clinton charged from the dugout to angrily confront the game’s lone umpire, political director Amanda Renteria, for ruling a teammate’s outfield hit a foul. According to reports, the presidential candidate then spent approximately five minutes arguing the call as she clenched her crumpled-up baseball cap in her fist before eventually returning to the bench while muttering a string of profanities.

Clinton reacted with equal displeasure after striking out in the fifth, when, according to reports, she slammed her bat into the dirt before flinging it against the backstop.

“When I was playing second base, she tried to break up a double play by sliding into me with her spikes up,” media advisor Jim Margolis said of Clinton, adding that the former cabinet member also regularly violated the rule prohibiting players from leading on the basepaths. “She brushed herself off like nothing happened, and when I showed her the cut on my leg, she told me to rub some dirt on it and to ‘quit acting like a little pussy.’”

“Now that I think about it, she was the only person even wearing cleats,” he added.

In addition to clashing with opponents, Clinton frequently directed her frustration toward her own teammates, sources confirmed, often belittling them for fielding errors or poor at-bats. Witnesses said that after chief pollster Joel Benenson bobbled a sharp ground ball hit his way at shortstop, Clinton furiously berated him in front of both teams before ordering him to play right field.

Reports also indicated that Clinton refused to allow any of her teammates to pitch, citing her ability to “put some serious spin” on the underhand throws.

“By the end of the game, I was trying to steer clear of her in the dugout,” said communications director Jennifer Palmieri, who recalled Clinton kicking over a drink-filled cooler after popping out in the eighth. “She would just sit there at the far end of the bench staring down at the ground. We all knew better than to say anything to her.”

“I’m just thankful our team didn’t lose,” she added.

As of press time, multiple sources who had participated in the postgame handshake line confirmed that the former secretary of state had definitely spit into her palm.

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