All-Business Adult In Halloween Shop Beelines It Straight For Pinhead Mask

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A Timeline Of Halloween History

Rooted in multiple traditions and observed in countless ways, Halloween is a beloved celebration across much of the world. The Onion provides a timeline of the holiday’s inception and evolution

Breaking: Adam Got A PS4 For Christmas

He Got ‘Battlefront’ Too

DANVILLE, CA—Saying that the 10-year-old was so freaking lucky, sources in Mrs. Burnett’s homeroom class confirmed Monday that local 5th-grader Adam Samuels got a PlayStation 4 for Christmas and Star Wars Battlefront, too.

Total Weirdo Spends Mother’s Day At Cemetery

ST. MARYS, OH—Apparently content to hang around dead people rather than celebrate like a normal person, area weirdo John Mills spent most of Mother’s Day at a local cemetery, creeped-out sources confirmed.

First Holiday Season Without Grandma Incredible

MARBLEHEAD, MA—Expressing appreciation for the more relaxed and cheerful atmosphere, members of the Shaw family confirmed Thursday that the first holiday season without grandmother Ethel Shaw had been absolutely incredible.

How To Navigate The Holidays Alone

While many people will be gathering with family and friends this holiday season to eat, drink, and be merry, others may not have anyone with whom to celebrate the festivities.

Mom Gathers Rolls Of Wrapping Paper Around Her To Stroke Softly

‘Not Much Longer, My Pets’

OAKWOOD, OH—Tenderly cooing as she basked in the comforting sight of snowman, Santa, and Christmas tree patterns, local mother Melissa Weaver surrounded herself with a dozen rolls of wrapping paper to softly stroke, sources confirmed Friday.
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All-Business Adult In Halloween Shop Beelines It Straight For Pinhead Mask

BROOKLINE, MA—Without so much as glancing at the seasonal store’s wide selection of other Halloween-themed merchandise, all-business 34-year-old Brian Aubin reportedly strode right past several aisles of costumes and accessories Friday and beelined it straight for the Pinhead masks. “That guy wasn’t fucking around—he was there for one reason and one reason only, and that was to get himself a Pinhead mask,” said fellow customer Emily Nassif, adding that when an employee asked the grown man if he needed help finding anything else, the straight-faced Aubin simply and purposefully pointed to the latex mask made famous by the Hellraiser movies and said “Just this.” “I’m not sure he even noticed all the Scream and Freddy Krueger masks or the big barrel of plastic scythes next to him, not that he would have cared if he did. This guy knew he wanted to look like Pinhead, and he made it happen.” Sources later reported that once the single-minded, no-nonsense shopper had completed his purchase, he exited the store so quickly that he didn’t even trigger the motion-activated cackling skeleton.


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