Neighbor Still Has Tree Standing In Yard Weeks After Arbor Day

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Neighbor Still Has Tree Standing In Yard Weeks After Arbor Day

WATERBURY, CT—Saying it’s become a bit of an eyesore in the neighborhood, Waterbury residents noted Tuesday that local woman Jackie McAllister still has a tree standing in her yard weeks after Arbor Day. “God, Arbor Day was more than a month ago and that thing’s still out there for everyone to see—that’s just embarrassing,” said McAllister’s neighbor Brendan Pryor, noting that the lazy woman had failed to dispose of the oak tree in her front yard within a reasonable one- to two-week window following the April 24th holiday. “Sure, it’s nice to get in the spirit with a tree for Arbor Day, but come on, it’s June now. At this point, I’m beginning to wonder if she’s just going to leave the thing up for the whole year.” Pryor went on to express relief that at least McAllister wasn’t the type of person to go completely overboard by putting all sorts of gaudy trees and shrubbery all over her yard every April.