Details Of Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan

This week, Donald Trump unveiled his plan for addressing immigration as president, a series of core principles that specify his heretofore generalized statements about America’s relationship with immigrants. Here are the items detailed in Trump’s outline

How Obama's Immigration Plan Would Work

President Obama has announced that he will take a series of executive actions to protect up to 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation and help pave the way for those living in the country illegally to become U.S. citizens. Here is a step-by-step look at the president’s plan

Immigrant Also Applying To A Few Reach Countries

LUANG PRABANG, LAOS—Noting that his consular officer said it couldn’t hurt to take a chance on a few long shots, prospective immigrant Soukan Chitmany told reporters Monday that, in addition to applying for permanent residence in a number of m...

GOP: ‘We Support Our Nation’s 11 Million Latino Criminals’

'These Lawbreakers Are Part Of Our Country’s Rich Tapestry'

WASHINGTON—As the debate over immigration reform continues in Congress, members of the Republican Party on Tuesday voiced their unequivocal support for the nation’s “more than 11 million Latino criminals,” emphasizing that much of ...

U.S. Deports Lou Dobbs

WANTAGE, NJ—Acting on anonymous tips from within the Hispanic-American community, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials deported Luis Miguel Salvador Aguila Dominguez, who for the last 48 years had been living illegally in the United States under the name Lou Dobbs.
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Trump Planning To Throw Lie About Immigrant Crime Rate Out There Early In Debate To Gauge How Much He Can Get Away With

HEMPSTEAD, NY—Saying he would probably introduce the falsehood in his opening statement or perhaps during his response to the night’s first question, Republican nominee Donald Trump reported Monday he was planning to throw out a blatant lie about the level of crime committed by immigrants early in the first presidential debate to gauge how much he’d be allowed to get away with. “It’d be nice to know how far I can stretch the truth during this thing, so I figure I’ll toss out a complete fabrication right off the bat by saying that most crime in the U.S. is committed by illegal immigrants, and then just see what kind of pushback I get,” said Trump, adding that the moderator’s response to the patently false statement would give him a good idea of how many claims he could make up right on the spot throughout the remainder of the evening. “If they call me out on it, it’s no big deal; I’ll just know that I mostly have to stick to smaller distortions, like exaggerating unemployment and terrorism statistics or fudging my past positions on tax increases and the Iraq War. But if they let it slide, that means I can really go to town out there and say whatever I think voters will respond to.” Trump added that even if he was corrected on his initial lie, he would probably still be able to stick with it by simply repeating it over and over until it wore the moderator down.


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