International Olympians To Watch In 2012

Lauren Jackson

Women’s Basketball — Australia Professional Perks: Still has a ton of free tickets to Seattle Storm games if anyone wants them Part Of The Body Most Focused On During Workouts: Intangibles Future Aspirations: To be much s...

Qiu Bo

Diving — China Training: Learned how to dive by jumping into sea of Dockers at parents’ work Advantage: No matter what happens, people in China will be told he won every single event Endorsements: Chunri Shi Tiger Paste; ...

Sarah Attar

Track and Field, 800m — Saudi Arabia Accomplishments: Finding success despite growing up in a community notoriously hostile to talented, ambitious young women in Escondido, CA Running Style: Must be accompanied in 800-meter by male ch...

James Magnussen

Swimming — Australia Weaknesses: Technologically advanced American suits superior to Australian team’s heavy wool; sometimes distracted by coins on the bottom of the pool Favorite Part Of Swimming: Big fuzzy towels with Olympic ...

Yelena Isinbayeva

Track and Field, Pole Vault — Russia Technique: So flawless nobody has noticed the numerous optical illusions she applies to add an extra 4 feet to her jumps Doesn’t Matter What People Say: Is still no Svetlana Feofanova Equi...

Kenenisa Bekele

Track and Field, 5000m and 10,000m — Ethiopia Racing Strategy: Drafts behind other runners for first 9,998 meters of race and then jumps out in front at the last second like an asshole Training Regimen: Once ran 23,000 miles in one da...

Sir Chris Hoy

Cycling — Great Britain Number Of Times During A 5-Minute Conversation He Reminds You He Has Been Knighted: 17 Accomplishments: Considered the greatest male cyclist in Olympics history, which is just another way of saying you’ll...

Oscar Pistorius

Track and Field, 400m — South Africa Advantage: Has been taking steroids openly since 2009, but no one has the heart to disqualify him Mental Strategy: Dominates paralympic competitions once in a while just for a quick morale boost ...

Usain Bolt

Track and Field, 100m and 200m —Jamaica Strength: Incredibly long legs allow him to finish the 100-meter dash in just four strides World Records Held: All the good ones Weakness: Amazingly fast up to 400 meters, but any farther...

International Olympians To Watch In 2012

Onion Sports breaks down the 10 most captivating Olympians from around the globe going into the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. Begin the guide now: Oscar Pistorius More: Find complete Summer Olympics coverage here. Follow @OnionSpo...
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Aldo Montano

Fencing — Italy

Fencing Style: Poke-heavy

Family History: Father was an Olympic fencer; grandfather was an Olympic fencer; great-grandfather enjoyed annoying people by prodding them with a yardstick

Prosciutto Company Sponsorships: Del Duca, Levoni

Favorite Home-Improvement Tip: When painting exterior of home, follow the daylight around the home, starting on the north side in the morning and proceeding clockwise as the afternoons wears on

Level Of Fame: Always goes out in public wearing fencing helmet to avoid being recognized

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