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Breakup Survival Tips

Everyone goes through breakups, but learning how to deal with your feelings and find closure can help you get over your split in a healthy, productive way. Here are some tips for surviving your breakup and moving on from your relationship:

  • Establish a support network of close friends and anyone else who will remain quiet about having to shoulder the burden of your emotional crises.
  • Quickly and decisively invest in a fish or a plant or something.
  • Try to find joy in other areas of your life, like riding your bike alone, cooking alone, seeing a movie alone, going to a concert alone, or sleeping alone.
  • Be open to new romantic relationships with people you might already know, like your father’s friends or your mother’s friends.
  • Surround yourself with good vibes by creating an all–“Solsbury Hill” playlist.
  • Though it is easier said than done, try to find enjoyment in doing whatever you want whenever you want with no strings attached.
  • Set aside time for catharsis. Start cutting up photographs of the two of you together. Then cut up photographs of you alone. Then cut up anything you can get your hands on.
  • As much as you might be tempted to contact your ex, you should really save that phone call for your lawyer.
  • Unfriend and unfollow your ex on social media. Your imagination can take it from here.
  • Whenever things feel hopeless, remember: If you’re under 25, you will find love again.

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