Helpful Museum Map Highlights Exhibits Visitors Don’t Have To Feel Too Bad About Skipping

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Helpful Museum Map Highlights Exhibits Visitors Don’t Have To Feel Too Bad About Skipping

LOS ANGELES—Shading the designated sections in red for easy identification by visitors, the Getty Center began distributing helpful museum maps this week highlighting which areas patrons shouldn’t feel too bad about skipping, sources confirmed. “Given the size of the museum, visitors can feel fine blowing right past these exhibits,” read the map’s key, which informed visitors they need not worry about bypassing the decorative arts and illuminated manuscripts in the North and East pavilions on their way to the replica Buddhist cave shrines, and also suggested that while patrons might enjoy a brief stroll through the lower terrace’s sculpture gardens, they would have no regrets if they avoided the museum’s Research Institute gallery entirely. “We recommend visitors poke their heads into these exhibits only if they have a lot of time to kill and have already seen every other part of the museum.” The map reportedly also features yellow shading to designate rooms that might or might not be worth patrons’ time depending on whether ornate 18th-century French furniture happens to be their thing.

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