Middle-Aged Woman So Tired Of Going Back And Forth Between Divorced Parents’ Nursing Homes

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Grin Slowly Spreads Across Mom’s Face As Meal Revealed To Contain Healthy Ingredients

‘The Mashed Potatoes Are Actually Made With Cauliflower,’ She Announces

VERONA, WI—Having waited until everyone at the table had finished their dinner Monday, a knowing grin reportedly spread across local mother Angela Hopkins’ face as she announced to her family that the mashed potatoes had in fact been made using cauliflower as a healthier alternative.

Sudden Death Of Aunt Creates Rupture In Family Gossip Pipeline

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA—Grieving family members of local aunt Laurie Shelton confirmed Monday that the 48-year-old woman’s unexpected death had caused a major breach in their gossip pipeline, suddenly disrupting access to the latest dirt on all their relatives.

Man Really Letting No One Have It During Exit Interview

SPRINGFIELD, MA—Keeping his voice at a measured volume and holding everything back, departing employee David Hughes was really letting no one have it during his exit interview Monday, sources at local accounting firm Grier and Associates confirmed.

Conceptual Genius Goes As Self For Halloween

‘He Himself Is The Costume,’ Say Amazed Onlookers

SHERMAN OAKS, CA—Brilliantly subverting the very idea of a costume, conceptual genius Mark Richards, 27, reportedly stunned his fellow partygoers Friday when he announced that he had dressed as himself for Halloween.

No One In Gym Class Volleyball Game Willing To Set Ball

LITTLE ELM, TX—With neither team having completed more than two hits during a rally before sending the ball back over the net, sources confirmed Wednesday that no one in Jefferson High School’s third-period gym class was willing to set during a volleyball game.
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Middle-Aged Woman So Tired Of Going Back And Forth Between Divorced Parents’ Nursing Homes

LANSING, MI—Saying the extra travel made the get-togethers that much more stressful, local woman Laura Holmes, 51, told reporters Monday she was fed up with having to go back and forth between her divorced parents’ nursing homes during the holidays. “It’s just such a hassle to drive all the way down to Dad’s nursing home on Thanksgiving morning, then have to head halfway across the state to Mom’s assisted-living place just a few hours later,” said Holmes, who added that she probably spent more time in the car last Thursday than she did sitting down and eating individually packaged turkey meals with her parents in their respective cafeterias. “I showed up at Dad’s, said a quick hello to the other residents at the Thanksgiving party in their activity room, and maybe talked with him for a half hour about his knees and his kidney issues before I had to leave. Then I hopped back in the car and drove two and a half hours north to do the same exact thing with Mom—it’s too much. I brought up the idea of spending Thanksgiving at just one of their nursing homes next year, but their aides told me how much it meant to both of them that I came, so I decided to drop it. God, I can’t believe I have to do this all over again in a month.” Holmes said she was extremely jealous of her friends whose parents had never divorced and only had to visit one nursing home or cemetery plot during the holidays.