Woman Always Thought She Would Have More Impressive Showerhead By This Age

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45-Minute Phone Call To Credit Card Company Goes Great

FORT WAYNE, IN—Grinning with contentment as he reminisced about the call he placed earlier in the day, 31-year-old accountant Greg Schulhoff told reporters Thursday that his 45-minute phone call with MasterCard regarding late payment fees went “really great.”

Mom Keeping Tabs On Coyote Situation

WAYZATA, MN—Regularly updating her husband and children on the frequency and location of sightings around the neighborhood, local mother Dana Salisbury continued to keep close tabs on the coyote situation this week, sources confirmed.
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Woman Always Thought She Would Have More Impressive Showerhead By This Age

KNOXVILLE, TN—Admitting it was pretty disappointing to still be using a standard, single-function water fixture every morning, local 28-year-old Kelsey Bishop told reporters Wednesday that she had always thought she’d have a far more impressive showerhead by this point in her life. “I figured that once I was out of college and working for a while, I’d be in a place where I’d have a showerhead with multiple spray settings and some kind of massage feature, not one of these fixed chrome ones,” said Bishop, adding that she had wholly expected to own a rainfall shower panel with a detachable handheld component by the time she was approaching her 30s. “It’s not like I pictured myself having multiple showerheads or wall-mounted body jets by this age. At the very least, though, I thought there would be a glass door that swings on a hinge instead of a gross plastic curtain. But life doesn’t always work out the way you want.” Bishop was reportedly still holding out hope that she would have a separate bathtub that was on the entirely opposite side of the bathroom from her shower before turning 40.