College Administrators Hold Candlelight Vigil To Honor Donor Lost In Mishandled Rape Case

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College Administrators Hold Candlelight Vigil To Honor Donor Lost In Mishandled Rape Case

NEWPORT, VA—Struggling to maintain their composure as they gathered on the main quad, dozens of administrators from Coleman College held a candlelight vigil Monday to honor Robert Carlson, a highly respected donor who was lost in a mishandled campus rape case earlier this month. “Robert had such a tremendous impact on this community; it’s so awful to have lost him in such a senseless way,” said university president Allen Brown, who, after lamenting the school’s inadequate investigation and ensuing cover-up of a student’s sexual assault that led to Carlson’s passing from the annual donor rolls, proceeded to lead the crowd in a brief moment of silence. “This heartbreaking tragedy has had a devastating effect on every one of us—something like this should never, ever happen here. I can honestly say that this school will not be the same without him.” At press time, a teary-eyed Brown could be seen holding hands with other campus officials, emphasizing that everyone must truly cherish the time they have with their donors before it’s too late.