Inaccuracy Of Every Single Detail Forces Student Paper To Pull Story At Last Minute

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‘SportsCenter’ Co-Anchors Clearly Dating

BRISTOL, CT—Saying that the pair could barely take their eyes off one another throughout the hour-long sports news program, ESPN viewers told reporters Friday that it is increasingly clear SportsCenter anchors John Anderson and Matt Barrie are currently dating.

Media Scandals Over The Years

News anchor Brian Williams was mired in scandal this week after admitting that he had lied for years about being in a helicopter that was hit by enemy fire while covering the Iraq War in 2003.

Study: 83% Of Web Content Unfit For Human Consumption

GAINESVILLE, FL—Warning about the dangers of prolonged exposure to toxic text, graphics, and videos, a study released Thursday by the University of Florida found that 83 percent of web content is wholly unfit for human consumption.

Media Stumped On How To Handle Missing Mixed-Race Woman

WASHINGTON—Struggling to find an appropriate response to a delicate situation, members of the American news media admitted Tuesday that they remained stumped on how exactly to handle the case of missing mixed-race woman Alison Johnston.
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Inaccuracy Of Every Single Detail Forces Student Paper To Pull Story At Last Minute

NEW BRITAIN, CT—Explaining that the article did not meet the publication’s high standards, the editors of The Recorder, Central Connecticut State University’s student newspaper, confirmed Wednesday that the inaccuracy of every single detail forced them to pull the issue’s top story at the last minute. “We at The Recorder strive to ensure that every piece of writing we publish contains timely and thoroughly reported information, and because each sentence of this article contains at least one factual error, we made the call to kill it,” said editor-in-chief Hannah Lowry, noting numerous “red flags” in the article that included an incorrect date and location; misattributed quotes; several wide-of-the-mark figures, including the school’s attendance; and the names of students, faculty, and buildings that do not exist. “While I was confident in the story’s reporting after my first pass, a closer inspection earlier today revealed that the piece as a whole does not contain a single accurate statement, and the headline referred to a campus event that never occurred. It was with this knowledge that I made the decision to pull the story from publication, ensuring that we uphold the paramount responsibilities entrusted to us by the Blue Devil community.” At press time, the student reporter who authored the article had reportedly apologized to the staff and attributed the errors to extreme fatigue.