OSN's Most Decrepit Men In Sports

Gene Keady: Assistant Coach, St. John's

The longtime Purdue coach, now serving as a special assistant under Red Storm coach Steve Lavin, is notable for his roundness, lumpiness and the combover that sits atop his pock-marked face.

Muhammad Ali: Legendary Former Boxer

This list could have been filled with boxers, present and past, who had their wits punched out and their joints turned to stone after decades of punishment in the most brutal "sport" on the planet.

Tim McCarver: Broadcaster, Fox

McCarver broadcasts baseball for Fox weekly, despite his failing body and viewers' general sense that he doesn't know where he is at any given point in time.

Nick Johnson: DH, Free Agent

Last seen ripping up his wrist for the New York Yankees, Johnson has been unable to catch on with another MLB team, presumably because another one of his soft, meaty tendons would rip were he to so much as roll out of bed.

Yao Ming: Center, Houston Rockets

Entering the league at 7'6" with a clumsiness common to people his size, the Chinese icon looked decrepit even before his body started falling apart and the bones in his foot started splitting and cracking every time he took a step.
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Andy Reid: Head Coach, Philadelphia Eagles

Though he has shown few signs of physical deterioration, medical experts are unanimous that no man should weigh as much as Andy Reid does.

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