Poll Finds 23% Of Americans Would Vote For Jeb Bush If Candidate Standing Right Next To Them In Voting Booth

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Rand Paul Escorted Off Stage After Falling Below 2.5% In Middle Of Debate

MILWAUKEE—Interrupted midway through answering a question about how he would reform the nation’s tax code, Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul was reportedly escorted off stage roughly an hour into Tuesday’s GOP primary debate after falling below the minimum 2.5 percent polling threshold necessary for participating in the forum.

Fact-Checking Ben Carson’s Claims

GOP presidential frontrunner Ben Carson is currently under fire for claims he’s made about his past in books and interviews, many of which journalists have alleged are fabricated or skewed in the candidate’s favor. The Onion breaks down what’s truth and what’s fiction.

Republicans’ Demands For Upcoming Debates

Following last week’s contentious debate in Colorado, Republican presidential candidates are formulating demands for future debates in the effort to reduce perceived media bias and foster a more productive, policy-focused discussion. Here are the GOP’s demands for upcoming debates

Winners And Losers Of Last Night’s Debate

The top 10 leading GOP presidential candidates met in Boulder, CO for their third debate last night, hosted by CNBC and featuring a number of contentious moments concerning alleged liberal media bias, frontrunners’ contradictory statements, and more. The Onion breaks down who won and who lost the debate

Ben Carson Tormented By Periodic Rational Thoughts

SAN ANTONIO—Calling the disturbing incidents a persistent source of anguish, GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson told reporters at a Monday campaign stop that he has been tormented by periodic rational thoughts for the past several years.
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Poll Finds 23% Of Americans Would Vote For Jeb Bush If Candidate Standing Right Next To Them In Voting Booth

WASHINGTON—According to a poll released Friday by the Pew Research Center, 23 percent of Americans would vote for Jeb Bush in the presidential election if the Republican candidate was standing directly beside them in the voting booth. “We surveyed over a thousand likely voters and found that nearly a quarter were inclined to cast a ballot for Jeb Bush in 2016, provided the candidate was in the same cramped booth silently watching them,” said Pew spokesman Michael Barker, who noted that an additional 12 percent of respondents described themselves as “likely” Bush voters should the former Florida governor be waiting for them when they parted the booth’s curtains and then proceed to stand close enough behind them that they could feel his warm breath on their neck as they voted. “It has to be encouraging for the Bush campaign that almost four in 10 Americans would choose Jeb for president if he simply stood there occasionally clearing his throat, making eye contact, or repeatedly whimpering ‘please’ within the close confines of a balloting booth.” The poll also showed that the remaining 60 percent of U.S. voters would support Jeb Bush in the general election in the event he physically grabbed their hand and forcibly marked the ballot.