Director Seeking Relatively Unknown Actress For Next Affair

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Director Seeking Relatively Unknown Actress For Next Affair

LOS ANGELES—Saying that he’s going for a certain look and will know it when he sees it, feature film director Peter Hastings, 52, confirmed to reporters Wednesday that he hopes to find a relatively unknown actress for his next extramarital affair. “I’m definitely looking for someone fairly new to Hollywood, a face that isn’t already too familiar,” said Hastings, who noted that going with an ingénue in her early 20s over a better-established actress could provide just the kind of novelty he has in mind. “With the right person, youth isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Younger actresses are often more willing to take chances, and they tend to take direction well, too.” Hastings later acknowledged that the process may take some time, but said he is prepared to evaluate as many actresses as necessary in order to find the perfect fit.

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