What Can Americans Expect Under A Trump Presidency?

With two months until the inauguration of Donald Trump, many Americans are wondering what his term will look like and what his administration might accomplish. The Onion answers some common questions about Trump’s upcoming presidency

Black Guy Asks Nation For Change

CHICAGO—Some residents reported seeing the black guy waving wildly and quoting from the Bible, while others said they spotted him shouting about global warming.

Dec. 10, 1936

FDR Rummages Through Parents' House to 'See if There's Anything in There America Could Use'

June 29, 1919

President Wilson Calls For Creation Of Useless World Governing Body
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What You Need To Know About U.S.–Russia Tensions

  • Q: Why did Russian hackers target the U.S. election?

    A: Wanted to finally participate in a democracy.

  • Q: Does this change the fact that tens of millions of people willingly voted for Donald Trump?

    A: No.

  • Q: What is Vladimir Putin’s objective?

    A: To restore Russia to its past glory as a global super-nuisance.

  • Q: Have foreign powers ever interfered in a U.S. election before?

    A: The only other known interference was in 1904, when Russian Czar Nicholas II briefly became the junior senator from Nebraska.

  • Q: How has President Obama responded?

    A: Installed two-step verification.

  • Q: How will the incoming administration handle Russia?

    A: With an aggressive, multi-tiered strategy of enablement, passivity, and accommodation.

  • Q: What is the relationship between President-elect Trump and Vladimir Putin?

    A: The two have enjoyed a friendly rapport since bonding over the fact that they share the same personality disorders.

  • Q: When will all of this be resolved?

    A: The long-term effects of nuclear fallout can last for centuries.


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