Man Not Sure Why Girlfriend Having Him Hang Cluster Of Empty Picture Frames But Willing To Go With It

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Report: 92% Of Americans Would Have Gotten Over Ex By Now

AUSTIN, TX—Explaining how they would have moved on with their lives a long time ago, a report released Monday by researchers at the University of Texas revealed that more than 90 percent of Americans would have easily gotten over their ex-partner by now.

Romantic Gesture Too Expensive To Waste On Current Girlfriend

HARRISBURG, PA—Claiming that the price of the incredible idea far exceeded his emotional investment in his relationship, local man Alex Ramsey said Wednesday that an extravagant romantic gesture he has in mind is too expensive to waste on his current girlfriend.

Breakup Survival Tips

Everyone goes through breakups, but learning how to deal with your feelings and find closure can help you get over your split in a healthy, productive way. Here are some tips for surviving your breakup and moving on from your relationship

Disgusting Couple Always Interacting In Public

MINNEAPOLIS—Saying the pair was making everyone nearby feel uncomfortable, onlookers stated Wednesday they were disgusted by local couple Tyler Meacham and Caitlyn Ashford’s habit of interacting in public.

Boyfriend Plans Magical Evening Down To First Detail

MANSFIELD, OH—Having proposed that they spend a night out together, the boyfriend of local woman Cassandra Stephenson is said to have planned a magical evening for the two of them down to the very first detail, sources reported Tuesday.
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Man Not Sure Why Girlfriend Having Him Hang Cluster Of Empty Picture Frames But Willing To Go With It

ANN ARBOR, MI—After receiving the mystifying task of hanging an array of nine empty picture frames of various sizes on the couple’s living room wall Thursday, local man Jake Montalvo reportedly admitted that while he wasn’t sure where his girlfriend, Celeste Ladd, was headed with this idea, he was at least willing to go along with it. “Is this kind of what you were thinking?” asked the man tentatively while positioning the frames in a straight line, prompting laughter and a swift correction from Ladd as he struggled to comprehend her puzzling vision. “Oh, like, all together in a bunch? With the little red one down there? Uh, okay, I guess.” At press time, Ladd directed Montalvo’s attention to an old, weathered tin box, which he deduced was either garbage she wanted him to throw away or a central decorative element in some master plan that he was still straining to unravel.

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