Fox Revives ‘X-Files’: What To Expect

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Fox Revives ‘X-Files’: What To Expect

After months of speculation, Fox has announced that it is bringing back its hit ’90s TV show The X-Files, about a team of FBI special agents investigating unsolved cases about strange and paranormal phenomena, for at least six new episodes, delighting fans who have long pushed for a revival. Here are some things viewers can look forward to in the new episodes:

  • First episode to loop in new viewers on dramatic conceit with Gillian Anderson loudly announcing, “I am the cynic” and David Duchovny announcing, “I am the believer”
  • Mulder put on paid leave after firing 47 rounds into mutant reaching for wallet
  • Controversial decision to forgo original series’s now-dated laugh track
  • Increasingly depressing “will they or won’t they?” romantic tension continues playing out between middle-aged leads
  • Story arc focusing on X-Files office’s efforts to increase intel sharing with partner agencies in accordance with 9/11 Commission recommendations
  • More brass added to title music
  • Copyright restrictions result in Mulder and Scully always being referred to as Muddy and Scamp
  • Creator Chris Carter finally given chance to explore nuances of the X-Files universe in ways not allowed by 10,000 minutes of television, two feature films, a spin-off series, and dozens of comic books
  • Visual confirmation of the inexorable march of time
  • Entire season won’t make any sense unless you’ve read issues 1-16 of X-Files comic arc Afterflight
  • New episodes to be bad
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