Convention-Goer Removes Name Tag, Vanishes Back Into World Of Anonymous Hilton Orlando Guests

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Convention-Goer Removes Name Tag, Vanishes Back Into World Of Anonymous Hilton Orlando Guests

ORLANDO, FL—Leaving no trace of his attendance at the industry conference, American Academy of Periodontology Annual Convention attendee Bill Hancock reportedly removed his name tag Thursday and instantly vanished back into the world of anonymous Hilton Orlando guests. Hancock, who only moments prior had been representing his Kenosha, WI–based oral and maxillofacial surgery group at a session titled “Enhancing Results With Periodontal-Orthodontic Therapy,” was said to be last seen headed toward the hotel’s lobby bar, at which point he peeled the adhesive sticker from his shirt pocket and dissolved into the faceless masses of business travelers and vacationing families. Reports indicate that numerous convention attendees were left wondering where Hancock could have gone, questioning whether he was still in the vicinity of the Orange Ballroom or if he had merely been an apparition conjured by their minds over the past four days of speaker luncheons and clinical technique showcases. Sources went on to confirm that the only evidence Hancock ever existed at all was a business card discovered in the convention’s raffle jar for a free lunch at Spencer’s For Steaks & Chops restaurant.